Hiatus Is Over!

Ryan Lagunzad | 7/01/2013 | 0 comments | Category: , ,

I haven’t written a post for quite some time. It’s been two months to be exact. I took a break in blogging to finish up some online training modules that are required for work. I still got few more training modules left to finish but laziness kicks in so I might do it some other time. Anyways, in our group I’m one of the leading in terms of the number of completed training. So that might be a good excuse to relax. :)

Photo Credit: Ricardo S. Roman
For the past two months, it’s not just work and training. Some of my free times are well spent with my family especially to my child. We've watched her favorite animated television series Wonder Pets and Dora the Explorer every morning. Until now we still do. We sing, we dance and took a lot of wacky photos together. And the best part (or maybe the worst) is that we've played with her stuffed toys and her kitchen play set. It may be “gay-ish” but that made her feel that I’m the best dad ever. If you've turned into a father, you'll definitely do anything to make your children happy. Too bad mine was a girl so I got to adjust and play with her girly toys. Oh! We also play basketball sometimes. :)

I also bought a tablet (Starmobile Engage 7HD) for my wife (well, I’m using it more often than her which made her feel like I’m the one who owns it). But that was alright, I mean we’re married and that’s considered as a conjugal property, right? LOL… Anyways, it’s a cheap tablet but it’s really a good one. I love everything about it except the fact that it has only 8 GB of internal memory and a not-so-good camera. But that was manageable. Android games are really addictive and that really consumed a lot of my free time including those nights that I should be off to bed and sleeping.

After two months of doing this and that I already got bored. I really miss writing and doing experimental dishes on the kitchen. And so I’m back, from outer space! LOL… I've checked my flash drive and found out that I got lots of photos of different dishes that I made before. I just don’t know if I have written down all the recipes of each (I hope so). I’ll share them to you on my next post. Also, I have listed down different topics that I want to share with you guys. For those who still hanged on, thanks very much guys. And please watch out for my next post. For the meantime, please like my FB page or follow me on twitter so I’ll have more friends. Thanks!