Candy Crush - Beneficial to Brain

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I’ve told you lately on my post “Haitus is over!” that I’ve bought a tablet pc and was so addicted with android games. At first we all think that playing games like Candy Crush Saga is just for fun and the only benefit that we are getting from it was to kill boredom. Well think again.

We might be deceived by the looks of Candy Crush Saga: the simplicity of the game, how it was played, not to mention the candies. At a glance one would probably say that it was a boring game. That was my first impression when I saw my mom playing it on her laptop. Despite of its simplicity, oh boy, it was really a difficult game. There are times when my wife and I had to collaborate to finish a certain level. While some levels are too difficult to the point that we are cursing whoever has this brilliant mind to make such complicated game. Through determination of finishing the game, we are currently at the border passing level 335. May I ask for tickets please, LOL!!!

Candy Crush Saga level 335

Playing challenging games, solving quizzes and puzzles, reading and writing, all of these cognitive activities are healthy to our brain including the challenging game Candy Crush Saga. It only proves the statement “the more you use your brain, the better it works.” Makes sense right?

I’ve read a post at Yahoo! SHE about Dr. Robert Wilson of the Rush Memory and Aging Project. He revealed the result of the project that “higher levels of cognitive activity were associated with slower rate of decline.” Cognitive activities involve the use of the brain for thinking, reasoning and remembering.

Those who are engaged in more cognitive activities where found out to have less damage in their brains. Thus, it is concluded that cognitive loss associated with normal aging and neurologic disease can be counter by engaging into activities that will stimulate the brain. This will definitely include Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga

I have already told my mom and wife about this and I will definitely support them both on their addiction to Facebook games including Candy Crush Saga. This will definitely be beneficial to them in their later life. With regard to kids, I advise you to find brain stimulating activities other than playing online games or android games. I’m in favor of books, jigsaw puzzles and other tangible stuffs because, on my opinion, laptop and tablet PC games will only promote laziness to kids. If possible, don’t expose them too much on virtual games.


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