One Day Tour in Baguio City

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My wife and I went to Tayug, Pangasinan (our hometown) to have a week vacation. After three years of not visiting this town, there are lots of noticeable improvements that we have observed. But only one thing doesn't change to this place, and that is the hot weather during summer. And since it is hot, we have decided to chill in Baguio City.

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines. It is one of the common places that Filipinos visit to escape the summer heat. There are lots of places to visit here that a single day tour is not enough to check them all, especially if you are going to commute. The places that we have visited are: Burnham Park; Botanical Garden; Wright Park; The Mansion and Mines View Park and spent the rest of the day in SM City Baguio.

First stop, Burnham Park. The famous attraction in Burnham Park is its man-made lagoon. You can rent a boat for PHP100 to sail around the lagoon for a whole day. There are also bicycles for rent if you want to roam around the Burnham Park on wheels. Or you can simply walk around or sit on the benches provided and watch other tourists while riding their boats.

If you love plants and trees you might want to visit Baguio City's Botanical Garden. It showcases different varieties of flowering plants and towering pine trees that are truly appealing to the eyes. At the entrance, you will find a group of Igorots dressed in their native attire and regalia that are more than willing to pose for a souvenir photo with a small fee. Near the entrance you can take pictures while riding a horse for PHP 10 per shot. You can also ride the horse and the tour guide will bring you to other places such as The Mansion and Wright Park.

Strawberry taho is a must try. You can spot some taho vendors roaming around the park and strawberry taho is sold for PHP 20 per cup. There are also different souvenirs being sold inside the Botanical Garden from key chains to different ornaments for your home.

Wright Park is just several steps away from Botanical Garden. You can walk, ride a jeep or rent a horse at the Botanical Garden to get there. At the entrance of Wright Park you'll see different varieties of plants that are being sold for a few bucks. The common thing to do in Wright Park is horseback riding. Horses are being rented for PHP 300 per hour.  If you wish to visit other places, you will pay an additional PHP 300 per hour per tour guide and the tour guide will bring you to the different tourist spots in Baguio City. Wright Park and The Mansion is also near to each other. In order to get to The Mansion you'll need to climb up on more than a hundred steps stairway. Prepare your knees and also a bottle of water because you'll definitely get exhausted when you reach the top.

The Mansion is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines in Baguio City. This place is well guarded and tourists are only allowed to take pictures outside the gate. Some tourists manage to get in but are allowed near the gate only. Perhaps you can ask permission from the officer-in-charge at gate so that you can take a good shot of the Mansion.

We're lucky enough that a jeepney going to Mines View Park passed by in front of The Mansion. I think the common route of jeepneys going to Mines View Park is located near the Wright Park Riding Circle. Mines View Park is said to be one of the most visited park in Baguio City. At its observation deck you can witness the breathtaking panoramic view of Benguet's gold and copper mine and also the Cordillera mountains.

You need to descend a winding rocky stairway to reach the observation deck. Be careful because the rocks are sometimes slippery. We reach Mines View Park around 3PM so the fog is starting to cover the mountain views. I suggest that you visit this place on or before noontime so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Different souvenir stores are scattered all over the place selling weaved clothes, plants, stuffs for home and foods such as strawberries, peanut brittle and a lot more. This was our last stop so we have decided to buy souvenirs and "pasalubong" (homecoming gifts) for my nephews and nieces. A jeepney station is just at the entrance of the park that will take you back to city.

We spend the rest of the day in SM City Baguio so that my daughter can play around, to have a snack and also to check the viewing terraces of the mall. You can see the whole city at the terraces of SM City Baguio. I enjoyed the fresh and cold breeze at these terraces. Here are some of my photos.

Baguio City is for those who loves nature and for those who wants to escape the summer heat even just for a while. Even if it’s cold here, bring extra clothes and some bottled water especially if you’re going to tour on foot. Be sure to plan where you wanted to go before going to Baguio City so you can visit all the places that you wanted to see. For commuters, visit this website Directions On Web for the locations of the jeepneys going to the different tourist spots in Baguio City. To make things easy try "Hop On, Hop Off" vans for PHP 400 per person per day. These vans will take you to the different tourist spots in Baguio City without worrying of getting lost and without the hassle of asking for directions. To fully understand what this is, their trip schedules, the tourist spots that you will visit and everything else visit their website at City Trails Corporation. And lastly, always think of safety and enjoy your stay. Happy Summer!

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