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I'm working in an oil refinery. Aside from the different pollution in the air that I smell all the time, noise pollution is also present that we have to wear ear plugs to protect our ears from loud noises. Imagine yourself in a noisy area for 12 hours a day. By just merely reading it might be painful to your ears what more if you're experiencing it.

According to Wikipedia, noise can cause hearing impairment. It is also link to hypertension, ischemic heart disease, sleep disturbance, and also, can create stress. Therefore, after 12 hours of work, I need to relax and recharge to maintain a healthy body, stress free and peaceful life.

To maintain a healthy body, my wife always sees to it that she is preparing healthy meals like vegetables, some fruits or fruit juices. She loves making fresh fruit shake like mango shake, her favorite. But most of the time preparing fruit shake is disturbing because the blender that we are using is so noisy.

One weekend while I was on a deep slumber, it was my day off but I came from a night shift duty so I have to sleep in the morning, she was preparing fruit shake for lunch. The loud noise from the blender woke me up. I still had slept for about three hours. It's really disturbing and I can't go back to sleep anymore so I have decided to go downstairs to eat lunch. I didn't enjoy eating lunch especially the fruit shake, even if it’s delicious because I'm already stressed out due to incomplete sleep. When my sleep is incomplete the level of my patience is also low that I can't avoid scolding my daughter when she's forcing me to play with her. Weekends are supposed to be celebrated with your family. It has to be a day full of laughter. It should be stress free and relaxing but it didn't turned out that way just because of the noise from our blender.

Having a quiet and relaxing weekend is really important:
1. So that my body can fully recharge from busy working days.
2. Because my ears needs to recover from the noisy environment at work.
3. Because it’s weekend and it should be spent with my family. If I can rest well I won’t be moody anymore, therefore, I can play with my daughter all day long.
4. So that I won’t be distracted while writing blog posts or while reading books.

When I read about Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender I can't help but say, "Oh! How did you know? That's exactly what I wanted!" Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender features a patented sound reduction system and is said to be 10 times quieter than any ordinary blenders. The disturbing noise was greatly reduced and it is now comparable to the sound of a telephone dial tone. Now my wife can prepare her favorite mango shake at home without disturbing our peaceful weekend.

Aside from being quiet, Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender offers a great mixing performance. Its jug design is triangular that creates a vortex effect, which allows the ingredients easily pulled down the blades making our shakes well mixed. It also has a fruit filter that separate seeds and pits to produce smooth juices. It also includes a mini chopper to finely chop herbs, nuts and dried fruits. And its parts are easily detachable wherein cleaning is effortless. Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender is definitely a solution to all of us.

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