Valentines Day Dinner on a Budget

Ryan Lagunzad | 2/14/2013 | 0 comments | Category: , ,

My wife and I can't spend Valentines Day on the exact day, which is today, because I have a work. Therefore, we have decided to spend it yesterday (February 13). After going to the mall to buy some stuffs and a Valentines Day gift for my wife, we went to the market to buy the ingredients that I'm going to use for our Valentines dinner date. I have planned to cook yellow fin tuna for dinner and have a parfait for dessert. While at the market, I was so confused on what will I have to prepare for the appetizer and for the side dish and how will I cook the yellow fin tuna. Actually, my real problem is I don’t know what are the dishes that will match with the yellow fin tuna. 

pan seared yellow fin tuna with mixed veggies and eggplant and tomato appetizer
Pan Seared Yellow Fin Tuna with Mixed Veggies and Eggplant and Tomato Appetizer

To solve the problem, I have to decide first on how will I cook the tuna. Then, I settled on just searing the yellow fin tuna with salt and pepper just like what we are doing on steak. For the appetizer and side dish, I can't think of anything but vegetable. Hence, I settled on making appetizer out of eggplant and tomatoes and stir-fried mixed vegetables for the side dish. And for dessert, I prepared a parfait using Choc Nut, a local chocolate peanut candy, and leftover banana bread and some bananas. Surprisingly, I have spent less than PHP150 (less than $4) for all the ingredients that I have bought. That's good news for my wallet. :)

Choc Nut Banana Parfait
Choc Nut Banana Parfait
I know Valentines Day falls on Thursday and most of you will probably spend it on Friday night or over the weekend. So, if you have no plans yet for your Valentines dinner date, I'm sorry guys, I bet it's too late for dinner date reservation on restaurants. So, you have no choice but to plan a dinner date at home. It will definitely consume a lot of your time from thinking of what to prepare, from going to the market and buying your ingredients, cooking and all that stuffs but it has some advantages on your part. First, efforts that you exerted in preparing and cooking is much appreciated than just having a dinner date on restaurants. Doing something personally and exerting some efforts to it means a lot to your partner. It feels good when our partner do something to us, isn’t it? Second, you will definitely save a lot when you do your dinner date at home. Just make the dishes simple and presentable just like doing an art out of food. Make the presentation something like you see on restaurants. If you are not a good cook, don’t worry; you can browse a lot of recipes over the Internet. You have a tongue right? Then, use it as you cook. Also, use your eyes and nose. I bet all of us can tell what a good food looks like and smells like, right?

I just hope these simple dishes that I have prepared will served as an inspiration to your next dinner date. Good luck to your Valentines date. I'll post my simple recipe next time so watch out for it. :)