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Get a chance to win PHP 10,000 worth of GC by simply posting a comment below listing down your 10 Sulit Must Have’s. This is a contest sponsored by It’s called “Start the Year Right with”. Five lucky winners will be picked via electronic raffle. Each will get PHP 10,000. Contest period is from January 21 to March 5, 2013 and winners will be announced on March 10, 2013. So what are you waiting for? Start listing down your 10 Sulit Must-Have’s. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Provide your full name.
2. Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID.
3. List of your 10 Sulit Must-Have items found on Please include the link to the item. (i.e. LED TV – See example format below.
4. Place them on the comment box at the bottom of this post.

As simple as that you'll get a chance to win PHP 10,000 GC. Don't forget to spread the news. Use the buttons below to share this to your families and friends. Or copy this link and send it to them. Good Luck to all!

My 10 Sulit Must-Have's

1. Kiddie Books – I have a two-year-old bright daughter. As early as now, my wife and I are investing on books that she can use as she grows. Spending your money on books is definitely a wise choice. Someday we will be harvesting what we are planting today. And that makes it a sulit must-have.

2. Refrigerator – Going to the grocery store or supermarket several times a week is I think more expensive than paying for the monthly bill of the electricity that is consumed by the refrigerator. Just imagine the traffic, the gas for your vehicle, your effort plus the time that you are wasting instead of spending them to your family. That is worth a lot of money. Not to mention the foods that are left after each meal that you have to throw away because of not having a refrigerator at home. Refrigerator is certainly a sulit must-have for me.


3. Sofa bed – Nowadays, things that are multi-purpose are in. Just like this sofa bed. You can sit on it while watching your favorite TV series or perhaps a movie. It can also serve as extra bed if you have guest that will stay over night. If you are living in a small apartment, this sofa bed can be your perfect mate. It serves you being a sofa in the morning and it can easily be converted into a bed at night. Without a doubt it’s a sulit must-have.

Sofa Bed

4. Non- Stick Cookware – The myths about non-stick cookware has already been debunked. It’s safe to use as long as you do not expose it on too high heat. Non-stick cookware lessens your oil consumption. Oily foods are sometimes linked to diseases. If you consume less oil, the risk of having a disease is also decreased. You can save in consuming less oil and, most probably, on hospital bills and medications later in your life. It’s a sulit must-have indeed.

Non-stick Cookware

5. Electric Lunch Box – I always carry pack breakfast and lunch at work. It’s part of our budgeting plan because the cooked foods at the cafeteria are much expensive than home cooked meals. The problem is that I always eat cold food. Good thing I have stumbled on this electric lunch box, which keeps my food warm. I’m going to enjoy home cooked meals and saved at the same time. Certainly, it’s a sulit must-have.

Electric Lunch Box

6. LED TV – How many hours are you spending in front of your television? I’m probably spending 5 hours a day on the average. And to some it could be more than that. Old TV model does consume a lot of electricity. In our community, most of the household still uses this kind of TV’s. Having a LED TV at home will definitely save a lot of money because the electric consume is lesser as compared with old TV models. That makes it a sulit must-have.


7. Laptop – Before, I only use our personal computer for playing games and doing reports and schoolwork. Now, I have lots of activities in the Internet like blogging, Facebook, checking different deals online, etc. I badly need one and I guess it’s one of the basic necessities now a days. It’s a sulit must-have because you’ll definitely gonna save a lot from gadgets, furniture, vacation trips and a lot more through online deals. Through skype, phone bills will be lessen and that means additional savings.


8. Samsung Galaxy Note – This is probably one of the lightest and easiest things that could get you online. I must admit laptop is heavy and you can’t carry it with you all the time. While cellular phones are capable of getting you online, the screen is so small that Internet browsing is sometimes a burden. With a Galaxy Note on hand, checking out deals online will be effortless, anytime, anywhere (well, as long as there's internet connection). And that again makes it a sulit must-have.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

9. Pocket Wi-Fi – Of course, before you can surf online you must need an Internet connection. To connect to the Internet, laptop needs a wireless internet dongle, cellular phone needs a SIM with a data plan (also with Galaxy Note and tablets). Having separate data plans with each gadget that you have is not practical. With a pocket Wi-Fi, you can connect up to five devices all at the same time and that will definitely saves you a lot. Therefore, pocket Wi-Fi is certainly a sulit must-have nowadays.

Pocket Wi-Fi

10. Electricity Power Saver – Lastly, another sulit must have that I definitely need is an electric power saver. We use many appliances at home like TV, kitchen equipments, etc. For a family with a tight budget, we definitely need an electric power saver to save even more. With the promise of 20% - 40% savings on electric bill, it’s definitely a sulit must have.

Electricity Power Saver


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  2. Jemm de Leon
    My 10 Sulit Must-Haves
    1. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini -
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 -
    3. Authentic Branded Bags -
    4. Educational Toys -
    5. Canon 550D -
    6. Wholesale Apparel -
    7. Food Processor -
    8. Books -
    9. Book Shelf -
    10. Shih Tzu -

  3. Milton Coyne

    My 10 Sulit Must Haves
    1. Polymer Clay Starter Kit - Link:
    2.Easy Mold Silicone Putty - Link:
    3.Polymer Clay Workshop- Link:
    4.6 in 1 Heat Press Machine- Link:
    5.Printer (CISS Ready) - Link :
    6.Laptop - Link :
    7. Camera - Link :
    8. One Piece Action Figure - Link :
    9.Play Station 3 - Link :
    10. Hunger Games Books- Link :

  4. Mylene Manuel

    My 10 Sulit Must Have For 2013:

    1. Samsung UA55ES6800 3D LED Wifi Smart TV

    2. Mc976 Macbook Pro Retina Display 15 inch

    3. Balenciaga City 2013 Holiday in Red

    4. Samsonite Luggage

    5. Nike(KobeVIII8System)

    6. Nike Lebron 10 Cutting Jade

    7. Air Jordan 13 Retro Bred for kids

    8. Samsung 20.9cuft Side By Side Inverter

    9. Whirlpool Washer 11.5kg Model: 4GWTW4950 YW

    10. TAG Heuer Mens Formula 1 Grande Date White
    Dial Stainless Watch

  5. Jayson Biadog

    My Top 10 Sulit Must Haves Are the FF.

    1. Iphone4 S

    2. Ipad 3,Position,1-5,5

    3. North Face Tadpole,Position,1-1,1

    4. Chevy Camaro,Position,1-1,1

    5. Ducati 795,Position,1-3,3

    6. BMW 5 Series,Position,1-1,1

    7. Subaru Forester,Position,1-2,2

    8. Subaru WRX,Position,1-12,12

    9. Condo

    10. House and Lot,Position,1-2,2

  6. Ben Baygas
    My 10 Sulit Must Haves

    T-shirt Heat Press Printing Business
    Invicta Men s 6856 II Collection
    Casual Zipper Embellished Men's Fur Coat
    LG Aircon Window Type HoHoWhole
    Great Neck GN205 205 Piece Home Tool
    nikon dslr d3100
    Ipod Touch 5th Gen 32GB Red
    Sony Xperia P LT22i
    USB Medi Player High Def Full HD
    Huawei E586 Pocket WiFi

    Please join also in my entry post:

  7. Cristiane Zubiaga
    Twitter: @chaning19

    1. fengshui bracelets -,Position,1-1,1

    2.laptop -,Position,1-18,18

    3. shoe boxes -,Position,1-3,3

    4. bag organizer -,Position,1-3,3

    5. LV bed sheet -,Position,1-11,11

    6. wooden hangers -,Position,1-15,15

    7. juicy couture swimsuit -,Position,10-20,200

    8. external hard drive -,Position,1-5,5

    9. LED TV -,Position,1-12,12

    10. bluetooth earphones -,Position,1-18,18

  8. Venos Monato
    My 10 Sulit Must Haves
    1. HongKong Tour Package -,Position,1-1,1
    2. External Hard Disk Drive 500 -,Position,1-2,2
    3. DVD Writer -,Position,1-7,7
    4. Nikon DSLR -,Position,1-1,1
    5. Camera Bag -,Position,1-2,2
    6. Pocket WiFi -,Position,1-9,9
    7. Apple iPhone5 -,Position,1-4,4
    8. iPod Touch -,Position,1-1,1
    9. Bag -,Position,1-3,3
    10. Shoes -

  9. Diosa Marie M. Aguila

    1.High Waist Swim Wear (because I'm excited for summer :D),Position,1-10,10

    2. Canon Ixus 105 12 1mp Digicam (i lost my cam to the sea :( ),Position,1-3,3

    3. waterproof camera case (for safety purposes),Position,1-18,18

    4. Camping Tent (for less expensive beach getaway),Position,1-1,1

    5.North Face Backpack (haven't got a proper bag),Position,1-11,11

    6.16 in laptop (thesis purposes),Position,1-19,19

    7. Canon Photo Printer (for my vacation photos),Position,1-12,12

    8. Human nature Feminine Wash (because I'm addicted to it aotm


    9.Nokia Lumia (lost my phone to the sea,too)

    10. headset (for ultimate music experience),Position,1-12,12

  10. Full name: Ma. Lourdes D. Espanol
    Facebook profile URL:
    Twitter ID: @kikayprincess02

    10 Sulit must haves and links:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -,Position,1-9,9

    Apple Ipad Mini -,Position,1-8,8

    Michael Kors bag -,Position,1-20,20

    Guess Watch -,Position,1-7,7

    XOXO Wallet -,Position,1-18,18

    Lancome Lipstick -!?referralKeywords=lancome+lipstick&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-4,4

    Black Rectangle Stylish Bib Necklace -,Position,1-6,6

    Earrings Pietra Chandelier -,Position,1-7,7

    Korean Bangles -,Position,4-4,64

    Ostrich Skin Precious Laptop Bag -,Position,1-10,10

  11. Full Name: Mona Liza Tumbaga-Verdida

    My 10 Sulit Must-Haves (Gift Certificates)

    10.) Overnight Accommodation
    - Networld Hotel in Pasay GC -

    9.) Overnight Stay for Two at St. Giles Hotel Makati GC-

    8.) Overnight Stay for two at the Waterfront Hotel DavaO GC-

    7.) f1 Hotel Gift Certificate -

    6.)White Knight Intramuros Gift Certificate -

    5.) Sofitel Spiral Gift certificate -

    4.) Sodexho Gift Certificates -

    3.) McDo Gift Certificate -

    2.) The Spa Gift Certificate -

    1.) Manila Pavilion 3D2N Gift Certificate -

  12. Kriztine Mae Mendoza

    My 10 Sulit Must Haves

    1. Canon 50mm f1.8 lens -,Position,1-18,18

    2. Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon -,Position,1-3,3

    3. cheapest motorized treadmill 2hp clearance sale -,Position,1-18,18

    4. Chandelier Light Chrome and Crystals -,Position,2-2,22

    5. Contemporary Bubble Chandelier -,Position,4-3,63

    6. Hayes DC Ceiling Fans – NOVU -,Position,2-15,35

    7. Shower Water Heater -,Position,1-1,1

    8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105 LTE -,Position,1-2,2

    9. 3D 4 Speed Stand Mixer with Stainless Bowl -,Position,2-4,24

    10. 3D 5 Speed Hand Mixer -,Position,2-6,26

  13. Maryjade Anne Manzanero
    My 10 Sulit Must-Haves
    1. SALA SET-
    2. DINING SET-
    3. BED FRAME-
    5. BOOKCASE-
    7. 32" LED TV-
    8. TV STAND-
    9. OVEN AND GAS RANGE in 1-
    10. PLAYHOUSE-

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