Get Rich Through Discipline Determination and Decisiveness

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It’s been a long time since I posted about the 5 Ways to Get Rich that was shared by Francisco Colayco, a financial expert, in an episode of Powerhouse. In that article you have learned that in order to get rich you have to: 1) Inherit It; 2) Marry a rich person; 3) Win it through gambling; 4) Steal it; and 5) Make It. Some of these ways are easy to do but has less chance of success while some are complicated and involves criminal acts. So now lets just focus on the fifth way of getting rich that is by "Making It".

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Francisco Colayco said that the fifth way of getting rich is easy to achieve. All you have to do is to remember the three "D's": Discipline. Determination. Decisiveness. Let us analyze these three important words and how these can help us reach our goal, to become rich.

Money won't just appear in front of you with just a snap or with just a simple wish from God above. You have to work for it whether as an employee to a company or by putting up your own business. If you decide to become an employee, getting rich may be a long process. You have to undergo different technical trainings and gain lots of work experiences to be able to reach the high paying position. On the other hand, having your own business may lead you to riches easier than being an employee but it involves lots of risk. Just imagine how many competitors you have around.

Whatever path you choose will involve lots of work to do. And in everything you do you need to have some guiding principles to follow to make it easier for you to reach your goal. This is where the three "D's" comes in.

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In everything you do, you should always have discipline. Let us say you wanted to earn money for your technical training or as capital for your business. Seeing your earnings grow will lead you to a lot of temptations. And some temptations are really difficult to resist like the new iPhone 5 of Apple that you can stumble upon the internet every time you browse. But if you have discipline it's so easy to just click the close button and just forget about it. Anyways, when you become successful you can have whatever you want, right? Have self control and focus on what you want to achieve to overcome all the temptations that can ruin your plans.

It’s not always positive point of views that could lead us to success. Knowledge is the most important key to become successful in business or in reaching your dream job. To gain knowledge you must attend seminars or trainings or if it’s about business, you must conduct market analysis for the business that you wanted to get in. Determination is like doing everything that you can to get what you want. If you know what you want and what you want to achieve, focus on it. Do everything you can to get it. If you can't achieve what you want over it, try digging under it or try revolving around it to discover which way will you get it. Determination to learn, to gain information and to discover will help you achieve your goals.

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Now that you have the money or capital and the proper knowledge to start-up what should you do next? This is where decisiveness kicks in. You must decide now. Act now. Do not do tomorrow what you can do today. Having second thought is always natural. But if that second thought will prevent you from moving forward, what do you think will happen to you? Nothing! 

To sum it up, getting rich is easy to achieve through discipline, determination and decisiveness. In fact, in everything that you do if you just keep these things in mind, I’m sure it will always result to success. So what should you do now? Think, learn then start. Share this to your friend if you find it useful.